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Nigel Snape

Nigel SnapeNigel snape 1

Head of Legal Services

What does your job involve?

As Head of Legal Services, I am responsible for all legal advice for the Service and the Authority, which can involve anything from contracts to buy new fire engines or build new fire stations to dealing with land purchases and sales. I am also the Authority's Monitoring Officer which, along with the Head of Paid Service (Chief Fire Officer) and Treasurer, is one of the three statutory officer appointments the Authority has to make. This role means that in addition to making sure everything the Service does is lawful, I am also the Authority's principal advisor in relation to governance and standards. As such, I'm responsible for the Committee & Member Services team who co-ordinate and support the work of the Fire Authority. I have also recently taken over the client-side role in relation to property, following the transfer of Property Services to Place Partnership.

When did you start working for the Service?

I began my role as Head of Legal Services for the Fire Service in 2012. Prior to working for HWFRS, I was employed by a local authority for 26 years as both a solicitor and senior manager with responsibility for a range of corporate functions. As a result of this, I've built up a significant amount of legal knowledge and experience that I am able to apply in my current role.

Why do you like working for HWFRS?

I love working for an organisation that helps protect the people in our two counties. I work with some great people and enjoy the sheer variety of issues that I get to deal with.

What interests do you have outside of work?

I'm a keen photographer, who enjoys gardening and walks in the country- especially if there is a good pub at the end. Travelling is also a passion of mine and, although I have visited quite a few countries, there are many more to tick off the list!