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Furlong Fury

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In June 2018, a team from Ledbury Fire Station took part in Furlong Fury, a 5km obstacle race organised by Halo Leisure, held at Hereford Racecourse. The team were raising money for The Fire Fighters Charity.

The team took part in regular training sessions, running around Ledbury in fire kit in preparation for the event. On the day it was about 27°C, so very hot in full kit and boots!

The team managed the first half of the run well, but then had to climb through skips full of water, filling their boots and leggings to the brim. This upped the weight considerably and meant the next 2.5km were more of a struggle.

The team worked well together to tackle the biggest obstacles at the end of the race, tackling both the height of the obstacles and the weight and restrictions of the kit. The course was completed in 1hr, 24mins, including stops to empty water from their boots and to help other competitors over the obstacles.

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