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Connecting people to services across Herefordshire and Worcestershire


Signposting is used by many fire and rescue services around the country and has brought supportive and preventative services to thousands of people to help them lead a safer and more independent life.

The service covers Herefordshire and Worcestershire and is based on a simple assessment by a staff member in a person's home environment. The staff member (i.e a person who works for an organisation, either in a salaried or voluntary role) assesses the individual based on their knowledge of that person or the circumstances in which they live. The referral is designed to alert a particular service provider, or a range of service providers, to the fact that concerns have been observed or raised by a member of staff.

The aims of the Signposting service

The service is intended to reach people who may not already be engaging with support services, and who may be deemed 'at risk'. These individuals would benefit from supportive services to enable them to remain safe in their own homes.

They may be people experiencing financial hardships or not coping well in their own home because, for example, they have difficulties with basic repairs and maintenance, housekeeping, home security or home safety. They may have difficulties with day-to-day living tasks such as cooking and personal care, and may not have adequate or working smoke alarms to give them early warning of a fire.

Our Community Safety Department can arrange for a home fire safety check to offer advice about reducing the risks of accidental fires at home, develop a suitable escape plan and fit smoke alarms where they are needed. We can also refer for alarms to be linked up to a Lifeline or Telecare system, should individuals not be able to respond or exit their home due to specific difficulties or needs they may have. This would ensure that emergency services are called at the earliest stage, saving precious time in the event of an emergency.

An easy-to-use Signposting referral form can be completed by a front-line staff member from any of our partner organisations or voluntary sector agencies when visiting individuals within their own homes.

If you feel your staff would benefit from using this service and would like further information please contact:

To obtain a referral form to be sent by email tel: 0800 032 1155