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Your Fire Authority

What is the Fire and Rescue Authority?

Hereford & Worcester Fire and Rescue Authority is constituted under the Fire and Rescue Services Act 2004.  The Fire and Rescue Authority comprises 25 Elected Members, 19 from Worcestershire and 6 from Herefordshire which is a unitary Authority. Worcestershire comprises six district Councils.

What do they do?

Our Fire Authority Members are responsible for setting the budget, approving plans, policies and strategies and determining how the Service is run. They meet 4 times a year with an annual meeting held in June. The Chairman and Vice-Chairman are appointed at the annual meeting as well as determining the Committee Membership. The Chief Fire Officer and Chief Executive reports to the Fire Authority. The Fire Authority Members sit on the following Committees: Audit, Appointments, Policy & Resources and Standards.

The Role of the Fire & Rescue Authority

Members Details

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Agendas, Papers, Reports and Minutes

FRA Agendas, Papers, Reports and Minutes click here

Attending and Speaking at Meetings

Advice about participating at FRA meetings

Protocol for filming or recording Public Meetings

Fire Authority Constitution

For details of the FRA Constitution click here

Fire Authority Crest

Hereford & Worcester
Fire and Rescue Authority Crest

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Council Tax Contributions

  Statement of Accounts 2013/14 Annual Audit Letter 2013/14
  Statement of Accounts 2012/13 Annual Audit Letter 2012/13
  Statement of Accounts 2011/12 Annual Audit Letter 2011/12
  Statement of Accounts 2010/11 Annual Audit Letter 2010/11
  Statement of Accounts 2009/10 Annual Audit Letter 2009/10
  Statement of Accounts 2008/09 Annual Audit Letter 2008-09
  Statement of Accounts 2007/08 Annual Audit and Inspection Letter 2007/08
  Statement of Accounts 2006/07 Annual Audit and Inspection Letter 2006/07
  Statement of Accounts 2005/06 Annual Audit and Inspection Letter 2005/06
    Audit Letter 2004 /05
    Audit Letter 2003/04

Chief Officer's Medical Treatment

Public Questions
A maximum of 15 minutes is set aside at the beginning of each meeting of the Fire & Rescue Authority for answering public questions.

Members Allowances
Members receive certain allowances in recognition of their various duties and can also claim allowances in respect of travel and subsistence.

Members Monthly Claims
Please click the links to view a pdf file for each financial year:

Annual Governance Statement
The Statement is part of the assurances that surround the overall arrangements for corporate governance.

Code of Corporate Governance
The Code of Corporate Governance is a document that describes the system by which the Authority directs and controls its functions and relates to its communities.

Code of Conduct Complaints Procedure