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Firefighters visit Bromyard school

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Firefighter Simon Papworth from Hereford and Crew Commander Brian Rodgers from Leominster spoke to students about their own roles as retained firefighters with Hereford & Worcester Fire and Rescue Service (HWFRS), and highlighted a number of important fire safety issues during their talk. They also took along a fire engine which was positioned next to the tennis courts at the school, providing students the opportunity to observe basic firefighting techniques and to take a closer look at the vehicle and the wide range of equipment used by fire and rescue teams.

Station Commander Bob Sproat from HWFRS said: “Brian and Simon have given several such talks to students in Herefordshire in conjunction with their primary employment at Herefordshire College. They have done this on a voluntary basis, and they deserve great credit for driving this initiative forward.”

He stressed that while the Service is not currently recruiting wholetime firefighters, opportunities do exist for men and women to become firefighters on the retained duty system, in which colleagues provide operational fire cover in addition to their normal work activities. This aspect of the Service’s work was highlighted during yesterday’s visit to the school, where students were encouraged to consider becoming a retained firefighter alongside whatever they choose as their full-time occupation. Students heard how they can learn new skills, improve their self-confidence and be more involved in their local community by becoming a retained firefighter, whilst at the same time offering additional benefits to their employers.

Station Commander Sproat went on to say, “Brian and Simon have made such a success of this event we are now looking to expand the initiative to incorporate similar events at employers forums, to demonstrate the benefits to employers of having Retained Duty System firefighters on their books.

“We hope that the students enjoyed learning more about the work of the Fire Service and how they could get involved themselves in the future. We also hope to give the school further support with its Citizenship programme, particularly regarding fire, road and water safety issues.”