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Chimney Fire at Yatton Home

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Fire crews from Kingsland and Leintwardine were called to the house at around 11.35am on Sunday morning (9 September) after the occupant noticed a wall in the house was hot and so suspecting a chimney fire, raised the alarm.

The fire involved a large oak beam behind the chimney flue of a woodburning stove.

Station Commander Neil Pigott from HWFRS said: "We arrived to find a fire behind the chimney breast which is likely to have been burning for 48 hours or so, causing serious damage to a large supporting beam at the property."

He explained that crews weren't able to remove the woodburning stove because of the back boiler and so had to cut away a section of the chimney to expose the beam and locate the fire. Using one hose reel and thermal imaging equipment as they worked, firefighters found that a supporting beam in the property had completely burnt through and so called in local builders to make the property safe as this supporting beam was removed.

SC Pigott added: "There was extensive damage to this property as a result of this chimney fire and this could have been worse again if the occupier had not noticed signs of the fire when he did."

He urged people to give proper consideration to all aspects of safety when installing woodburning stoves and flues. He recommended using an approved engineer from HETAS (Heating Equipment Testing and Approvals Scheme) who will ensure that appliances and flues are installed safely and that the proper insulated flue liners are used and correctly fitted.

More information is available at www.hetas.co.uk including contact details for registered installers operating in the Herefordshire and Worcestershire areas.