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Hereford demonstrates New Rescue Boat

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Hereford & Worcester Fire and Rescue Service have major rivers running through both counties and were at the forefront of both local and national flood rescue efforts in the summer of 2007.

Recently Fire Stations in Hereford, Evesham and Worcester took delivery of new and enhanced water rescue craft and towing facilities. On Monday 9th August Hereford Fire Station demonstrated their new equipment and rescue skills at the rowing club on the River Wye, Hereford in an exercise witnessed by local MP Jesse Norman, who also took part in the 'man over board' and tethered swim rescue.

Station Manager, Jon Butlin said; "In a typical year (depending on weather) across both counties, we are called to between 50-60 water rescues so, we are very much a Fire and Rescue Service."

After launching the new 4.4 metre work boat the crew from Hereford demonstrated a range of rescues including;

  • Bank line rescue
  • Tethered swim rescue from the bank
  • Tethered swim rescue from the boat
  • Boat rescue
  • 'Man overboard!' demo

Rob Ball, Group Manager for Herefordshire said; "The new equipment means that we can now launch rescue boats more efficiently by means of one towing vehicle with 4x4 capability and sufficient crew – when previously, a two seat towing vehicle and a fire appliance were necessary."

"Water rescue crews also play an active role alongside our Community Safety Team supporting school visits and various public events to ensure that people understand - and avoid, the dangers of open water, flood water and ice."

The Service's Community Safety Team were also on hand at the exercise with advice and leaflets about water and flood safety to members of the public who came to view the event.