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Crackdown on Drink Drivers

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Unfortunately not everyone has taken these warnings on board and since the campaign was launched on 1st December 74 people across West Mercia and Warwickshire have been arrested for driving under the influence of drink or drugs.

Figures from the Safer Roads Partnership indicate that, over the past 3 years*, 18 people lost their lives in West Mercia and Warwickshire and 171 were seriously injured following collisions where drink or drugs were recorded as a contributory factor.

Posters, beermats and other material has already been targeted at local pubs and clubs throughout the region designed to make people think about the consequences of drink or drug driving. There is no foolproof way of calculating how much you can drink and remain under the limit, or knowing how much an individual person can drink and still drive safely. Importantly, you do not know how long any alcohol may be in your body.

At the heart of the activity will be a series of online Blogs and videos of five everyday characters who unwittingly take a risk. It will build on last years successful ’Amy’s Story’ campaign, in which a moving blog described how a young woman became a drink driver and criminal because she drove the morning after a party.

The campaign supports the month long winter drink drive campaign that was launched on 1st December by the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO). Police forces throughout the UK are working hard throughout this month to make sure the roads are safe for everyone this Christmas. Warwickshire and West Mercia will certainly be no exception to this.

Vicki Bristow, Communications Manager at the Safer Roads Partnership, says:
“There are still people out there who feel they can gamble with drinking and driving and think they know how much the limit is but the simple fact is, there is only one way of being sure that you are safe to drive and that is not to drink at all. We would also ask people not to get into a car as a passenger if they suspect that the driver has been drinking or taking drugs. We realise that this can sometimes be difficult but would urge people to make the safe decision - it’s not worth risking your life for.”

Superintendent Lee Davenport of Warwickshire and West Mercia Police comments: “Cracking down on those who take drugs or drink and then drive is a year round commitment for both Forces. However, we are very aware the festive season can present opportunities where people are tempted to drive after taking drugs or drinking. Extra patrols will be conducted in the run up to and over Christmas and New Year, in a bid to tackle those who commit the unacceptable act of drinking or drug driving. Worryingly, and despite many warnings over the years about the dangers of drink/drug driving, there are still far too many reckless drivers ignoring the devastating consequences. We’re urging people to think hard about the consequences that a collision could lead to.”