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A recipe for disaster

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Date night disaster title screen

We have all heard the kitchen tale of "a watched pot never boils!" More to the point an ignored pan catches fire! Please be careful in the kitchen this Valentine's Day not to follow Hereford & Worcester Fire and Rescue Services simple recipe for disaster.


1 cup lack of preparation
2 teaspoons distraction
1 scoop of unattended pan
2 cups hot oil
4 gallons wine
1 pinch tea-towel


Take the wine and pour into glass, drink wine, start feeling a little drunk.
Place tea-towel or any flammable material close to the stove, for ease of burning later.
Add more wine: a splash in the pan, a dash in the glass.
Mix in a bowl 1 cup lack of preparation, 2 cups hot oil with 2 teaspoons of distraction. Add to pan, leave the kitchen to get changed, change the music, lay the table, answer the door or whatever it was that you forgot to do earlier, all whilst leaving the pan heating up.
A fire should now be bubbling along nicely and the flames will be turning your kitchen a nice shade of golden brown!

If you would like to watch the simple bite sized video of A Recipe for Disaster click here. #RecipeForDisaster