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Warning following flat fire in Bromyard

Hereford & Worcester Fire and Rescue Service (HWFRS) was alerted to the fire in a second floor flat in Cruxwell Street in Bromyard at 6.45pm by neighbours who heard the smoke alarm in the property activate.

Two crews from Bromyard and one from Leominster attended, and with the possibility of people inside the flat, four firefighters wearing breathing apparatus entered the property and carried out a thorough search. Confirming that the flat was unoccupied, other than a pet rabbit that they brought out to safety, crews then extinguished a fire in the living room with the use of one hose reel jet. They also ventilated the flat to help clear the smoke.

No one was injured but there was severe smoke damage in the living room near the woodburning stove as well as charring to the walls and floor.

Station Commander Neil Pigott from HWFRS said: “Thankfully a working smoke alarm at the property alerted neighbours, and firefighters were able to extinguish the fire in its relatively early stages. However this fire certainly had the potential to be far more severe, particularly if it had started during the night, and we feel the occupants and Smudge, the rabbit, were all very lucky to avoid further harm.”

He explained that the cause of the fire is being linked to some wood stacked against a woodburning stove and he warned people to take note of this and to be sure to store their own wood, fuel or any flammable materials at a safe distance away from their fires.

He also emphasised the role that a working smoke alarm played in this incident and urged everyone to make sure their own alarms are working and tested regularly.