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Fire at Leominster hotel

Crews from Leominster and Kingsland attended, and a fire in a first floor bedroom at the hotel was extinguished with four firefighters in breathing apparatus and two hose reel jets used. Positive pressure ventilation fans were also used to clear smoke from the building.

Praising staff at the hotel, Crew Commander Paul Healey from HWFRS said: “Thankfully a smoke alarm activated and gave an early alert to this fire. Hotel staff then worked quickly to ensure the rooms were evacuated and there was no one at risk.”

He confirmed that the fire was caused by an electrical fault with a heater and that damage was restricted to the bedroom where the fire started.

He added: “This incident shows just what a difference a working smoke alarm can make. The hotel was soon back to business as usual, with only one room affected.

“We’d urge everyone, whether at home or at their place of work, to make sure they have smoke alarms fitted and that they test them regularly. It really can help avoid major damage, serious injury or even loss of life in the event of a fire.”