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Electrical Safety Promoted

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Pete Hope, Community Safety Advisor with H&WFRS, explained: "Electricity is often overlooked as a possible fire hazard but this is something we want to highlight as part of our Winter Safety Campaign, particularly with Christmas approaching.

"Many electrical fires in the home can be avoided simply by taking extra care with how electrical appliances are used and stored. We'd urge everyone to read through our top safety tips below to ensure they are doing all that they can to keep their homes and family safe."

Advice from H&WFRS includes:

• Avoid overloading electrical sockets.

• Always unplug appliances after use.

• Do not use electrical appliances near water - cables and plugs should never be in danger of getting wet.

• Make sure your electrical appliances do not pre-date the EU safety standards. If you are unsure, get them checked by a qualified electrician.

• Discontinue use of any appliances with loose wires or frayed leads, with hot or scorched plugs and sockets, or where fuses blow frequently or lights flicker. These can all be signs that the appliance is dangerous to use so have it checked by an electrician or replace it.