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Service is following National Fire Chiefs Council guidance

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Hereford & Worcester Fire & Rescue Service is following national guidance in relation to the Covid-19 outbreak, aimed at keeping communities safe whilst at the same time protecting the on-going health of its frontline and support teams.

The National Fire Chiefs’ Council (NFCC) guidance ( https://www.nationalfirechiefs.org.uk/COVID-19 ), which is aligned to the guidance from national government, highlights what Services should do during the ‘Delay’ phase of the pandemic.

Chief Fire Officer Nathan Travis said: “We are currently implementing our business continuity plans so that we can stay prepared, allowing us to continue to respond effectively to any emergencies, even if some of our staff fall ill or need to self-isolate.

“These plans are well-tested and have been utilised successfully during previous periods where we have experienced reduced staffing levels.”