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Have you got money to burn? Chimney fires can be costly!

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As winter closes in and the nights are getting colder Hereford & Worcester Fire and Rescue Service (HWFRS) has released a dramatic video which advises homeowners to ensure they have their chimney swept by an approved sweep regularly and to follow basic chimney fire safety practices.

If you cannot see the video above then it can be viewed by clicking here: https://youtu.be/MYvB4azyFAI

Chimney fires accounted for over 4,200 incidents across the country dealt with by fire and rescue services between April 2015 and March 2016. Having your chimney swept regularly can prevent chimney fires, and all it takes is: one phone call (to a registered sweep), one modest payment and one hour of your time.

To keep you and your family safe from fire:

  • Always use a fire guard to protect against flying sparks from hot embers
  • Make sure embers are properly put out before you go to bed
  • Keep chimneys and flues clean and well maintained
  • Never burn rubbish
  • Never use flammable liquids such as petrol or paraffin to light your fire

Group Commander Mick Cadman from HWFRS's Community Risk department said: "To keep your home and family safe from fire this winter please ensure your chimney is swept regularly and that you use the right fuel with a correctly installed and maintained fire."

Group Commander Cadman continued: "We urge everyone that has a working fire and chimney to make an appointment with a registered chimney sweep if their chimney is due a clean and also encourage others to do so."

For further chimney safety advice and full details of chimney sweeps operating locally are listed on the Service's website at www.hwfire.org.uk under the Safety and Advice heading.