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Warning Following Grill Pan Fire

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A woman at the address had used the grill pan and then returned it to the grill after use, but had not turned off the power.

Two fire crews from Hereford fire station attended the incident, and the fire was quickly extinguished with two firefighters in breathing apparatus and one hose reel jet used.

Fire damage was restricted to the cooker although there was heavy smoke-logging throughout the ground floor flat. The female occupant was checked by ambulance staff at the scene for the effects of smoke inhalation but did not need hospital treatment.

Watch Commander Martin Greenhouse from HWFRS explained: "On discovering the fire, the occupant took exactly the right action by closing the kitchen door behind her, vacating the property and calling the Fire Service."

He reminded everyone to be vigilant in the kitchen, keeping an eye on their cooking at all times and taking care to turn off all appliances after use. He also urged people to ensure they have a working smoke alarm fitted on each level of their home, and to test each alarm on a weekly basis.

He also confirmed that firefighters called at neighbouring properties to offer home fire safety advice before leaving the area.