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Weekend woodburner and chimney fires

Firefighters from Worcester were called to a fire in a chimney at a property in Broadwas at 12.21pm on Friday (14 December) and two fire crews from Worcester also attended a chimney fire at White Ladies Aston just after 10.00pm on Sunday night (16 December).

Crews from Kidderminster attended a chimney fire just before 11.00pm on Saturday (15 December), at a house in Trinity Fields in Kidderminster.

On Sunday (16 December) just after 2.00am one crew from Bromsgrove and one from Redditch attended a woodburner fire at a house in Rock Hill.

One crew from Kingsland and one crew from Leominster then tackled a chimney fire involving a woodburner at a property in Kingsland, at 5.00pm on Sunday evening.

Station Commander Alan Haley from HWFRS said: “We do tend to see an increase in the number of chimney fires during the winter period but five in one weekend is concerning and we would like to remind people just what they can do to protect their properties from the risk of a chimney fire.”

He reminded anyone with a real fire or a woodburning stove to ensure that they have their chimneys swept on a regular basis and that they burn only the fuel recommended for their particular type of fire.