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Could You Be a Fire Service Volunteer?

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Could You Be a Fire Service Volunteer?
The Service launched its Community Safety Volunteer Programme a couple of years ago and has successfully recruited a number of volunteers who are now fully trained and assisting with a range of safety activities within their local communities. The Service is now looking to recruit additional volunteers in Herefordshire, and is urging anyone aged 18 or over and interested in becoming a Community Safety Volunteer in this area to get in touch. Volunteers will help to support existing staff in a variety of safety initiatives, such as promoting safety awareness at local public events, accompanying crew members to carry out home safety checks and acting as casualties during operational training exercises. Volunteering activities may take place during the day, in the evening or at weekends, and volunteers will receive comprehensive training for all the activities they undertake, with the opportunity to develop further skills and experience within their roles. Julie Udall, Community Safety Advisor with HWFRS, explained: “Providing safety advice is a vital part of the Fire Service’s role in the community, and we attend hundreds of events throughout the year to promote the many different aspects of fire safety. Our operational firefighters are busy training and attending emergency calls, and so we are keen to attract extra volunteers who can help us with this important area of work and at the same time, give something back to their local community. “Effective safety awareness can make a real difference to people’s lives and I’d urge anyone with a few hours to spare each week to consider getting involved.” While promoting fire safety is a key part of the role, volunteers have the chance to get involved in a range of activities. Last March, for example, Community Safety Volunteers took part in Exercise Olympus, a large scale multi-agency training exercise which simulated an explosion and building collapse. Volunteers were made up to look like casualties who had been injured in the explosion and trapped in the rubble, helping to make the training as realistic as possible. CSA Julie Udall urged anyone interested in finding out more about the role of Community Safety Volunteer with HWFRS to contact her at judall@hwfire.org.uk or on 01905 368228.