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Flat rescue

Two fire engines from Worcester were sent to the Grenville Road flat after Hereford & Worcester Fire and Rescue Service (H&WFRS) was alerted to the incident shortly after 3pm on Wednesday afternoon (16 November).

On arrival, they found that the male occupant of the flat had been safely evacuated and was being treated by ambulance staff for the effects of smoke inhalation.

Watch Commander Dave Smith from H&WFRS explained: "We understand that a member of the public and a passing police officer had gone into the flat to investigate after noticing smoke coming from the property. Inside, they found the sofa alight and the occupant unable to make his own way out of the smoke filled living room. Together, they were able to help the man outside to safety where he was given medical attention."

The occupant, the police officer, the passer-by and a neighbour were then taken to hospital for the effects of smoke inhalation, while fire crews ensured that the fire was fully extinguished. They also checked smoke alarms at the flat and visited neighbouring properties to offer home fire safety advice.

Watch Commander Smith continued: "This incident could easily have had far more serious consequences. The fire involved an older style foam-filled sofa that did not conform to British Standards for domestic furniture and the smoke it gave off was dense and highly toxic.

"Those involved in the rescue undoubtedly saved the man's life."

He reminded people that all upholstered furniture sold in the UK since 1988 has to conform to strict fire safety guidelines and he urged everyone to check their own sofas and armchairs comply. They should have a permanent CARELESSNESS CAUSES FIRE label attached.