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Road users urged to ‘tune in to road safety’

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Road users urged to ‘tune in to road safety’

We’re all human and we’d probably admit that on occasions we all get side-tracked, run late, make mistakes and get distracted; but on roads this can be fatal. In this day of modern technology it is often very tempting to try and multi-task whilst driving. Mobile phone use, music and passenger distraction all play a part so we are urging people to give their full attention when out on our roads.

Distraction is a major cause of death and serious injury on our roads in the UK1, but isn’t just an issue that concerns drivers. Pedestrians, cyclists and runners also have a part to play. Using MP3 players, mobile phones and similar devices when walking near roads is a major distraction for pedestrians and especially dangerous at this time of year when visibility is also reduced through the weather and the clock change.

Vicki Bristow, Communications Manager for the Safer Roads Partnership said;
When using our roads, whether as a pedestrian, cyclist or motorist we all need to ‘tune in’ to road safety and give it our full attention. We’re pleased to be able to support the national Brake campaign to ensure the message is spread as wide as possible. Distractions play a big part in the collisions that we have locally. It’s not uncommon to see road users so completely absorbed in their phones or music that they are entirely oblivious to where they are and what’s going on around them. Using the roads under the influence of alcohol, whether it’s behind the wheel or as another road user, also impedes any thought process and is a distraction in itself. We’re urging people when they are out and about using the road network give road safety your full attention – it’s not worth the risk.”