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Warning following carbon monoxide leak

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The occupants had contacted the Fire Service shortly before 8pm after noticing a smell of burning at their house in Orchard Close.

Two fire crews from Hereford attended, and firefighters in breathing apparatus went into the property to investigate, equipped with one hose reel jet and a gas monitor. Inside, they found that carbon monoxide levels were at unsafe levels and so they evacuated the occupants from their home.

The carbon monoxide leak was found to have been caused by a build-up of soot which had blocked the flue behind a gas fire at the property. An engineer from Transco attended the incident, isolating the appliance and declaring it unsafe for use.

Fire crews then ventilated the property, allowing the occupants back into their home once they had done a further check with the gas monitor to ensure that the carbon monoxide had been cleared.

Watch Commander Adrian Phillips from HWFRS said: "The outcome of this incident could have been far different if the occupants had not called for help when they did. Left unchecked, carbon monoxide levels would have built up further and presented a high level of risk to anyone inside the property.

"The incident illustrates just how important it is to have gas appliances serviced on a regular basis. It's also worth considering installing a carbon monoxide detector in the home to get an early alert to any increase in gas levels."

He said that crews also installed smoke alarms in the property before they left, and he urged everyone to ensure they have working smoke alarms installed on each level of their home and to check them regularly.