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Crews called to laundry spill

The Service was alerted to the incident at around 3.40pm after a fire alarm at the hotel activated and staff found that a quantity of a descaling product had escaped from a drum in the laundry room, situated on the ground floor of the premises. Hotel staff then evacuated guests and called the emergency services.

Two fire crews from Malvern and the Environmental Protection Unit from Stourport attended, and following an initial assessment of the situation, called for a Hazmat (Hazardous Materials) Officer to join them at the incident.

Two firefighters wearing breathing apparatus and protective gloves then went into the laundry room, sealed the area and then used absorbent pads to contain the spill. The crew also used fan equipment to spray water and direct the fumes from the descaling product away from the main area of the hotel.

Group Commander Grant Wills, Hazmat Officer at the incident, said: “The hotel uses some heavy duty equipment for laundering its white linen and towels and some of the descaler used for this equipment had escaped from a drum in the laundry room.

“Staff at the hotel were sensible in their approach, evacuating their guests as a precautionary measure and calling for assistance to deal with the spillage.”

He confirmed that the spill was quickly contained by fire crews and that the matter was handed back to hotel staff for a specialist clean-up operation.

There were no injuries as a result of the incident and guests were allowed back in their rooms in less than an hour.