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Escape following smoke alarm alert

The fire had broken out in the living room of the terraced house in Eign Road just before 4.30pm. Three fire engines from Hereford attended, and firefighters in breathing apparatus went into the property and used one hose reel and a covering jet to bring the fire under control.

The fire involved a faulty electrical socket adaptor in the ground floor living room and had spread to a shelf full of video tapes nearby. These burnt at an intense heat, giving off flammable and toxic gases that caused the fire to develop rapidly.

Station Commander Neil Pigott from Hereford & Worcester Fire and Rescue (H&WFRS) said: "The woman was upstairs with her baby when the fire broke out. Thankfully the smoke alarm activated and she was able to get out of the house with her baby before the fire spread any further. "

He said that this could have been a very different story without the early alert from the smoke alarm and he urged everyone to ensure their own homes have alarms fitted on every floor and that they are checked regularly.

While the electrical adaptor involved in this fire was believed to have been faulty, he also warned that adaptors should be used with care.

H&WFRS recommends that multiple socket adaptors are used infrequently, rather than day in, day out, and that they are not overloaded. Never use them to power more than one high current device, and remember to unplug them at night to reduce risk when people are asleep and most vulnerable to fire. All electric appliances, leads and adaptors should also be checked regularly for signs of wear and tear, particularly any exposed wires or worn cables.