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Pony Rescued By Worcestershire Firefighters

At 17:27Hrs, on Monday 19th April 2010, Hereford & Worcester Fire and Rescue Service was called to reports of a pony stuck in mud half way up his body near a brook in Shell Mill Himbleton, Worcestershire. Crews from Droitwich and Worcester attended the incident.

Firefighters from Droitwich were first on scene and found a 30 year old male pony called Ginger stuck in mud after he had gone for a drink in the nearby pond. Unfortunately for Ginger, the area surrounding the water was less solid than it first appeared and he sunk in mud until it was half way up his body and found himself stuck and unable to get out without a great deal of assistance.

Once all the crews were in place, firefighters then dug an area around the hind legs of the pony to free them, and then attached strops to Gingers’ rear quarters. At this stage Ginger was a little distressed but, under the direction of the Vet and with a little encouragement from the firefighters he was then able to put in the final bit of effort to help free himself.

Following the rescue, firefighters handed Ginger over to his owner and Vet.