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Warning - BBQ Starts House Fire in Worcester

Three fire appliances from Worcester (2) and Droitwich (1) were called to the detached bungalow in Fernill Heath, Worcester just before 7:00pm as the Service received several 999 calls to its control room reporting the fire. The smoke alarm in the property had operated and could be heard outside the building as the crews began to tackle the blaze. Firefighters had to gain access through the roof, use breathing apparatus and hose reels to bring the fire under control. Parts of the building were cut away and hot-spots damped down to prevent re-ignition and further spread. The building was then ventilated to clear smoke logging.

Station Commander Bob Sproat said: "With the current good weather forecast to continue into the holiday period, it is important that anyone lighting a BBQ – or burning rubbish, take a few basic precautions;

  • Never light a BBQ or other fire near the house, garage, fence or trees.
  • Never use accelerants such as petrol to light your fire – lighter bricks are a much safer option.
  • Always have a bucket of water or hosepipe ready in case of minor issues.
  • Always keep children and pets away from the fire.
"If something does go wrong, raise the alarm, get everyone safely away from the fire and dial 999."