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Tumble drier fire

A woman at the address noticed the smoke just before 3.15pm and so called the Fire Service. Two fire crews from Worcester fire station attended, and firefighters in breathing apparatus tackled the fire from the external garage door, using one hose reel jet.

No one was injured during the fire but the tumble drier was destroyed and items stored nearby in the garage were also damaged.

A spokesman from HWFRS said: “We regularly advise that people use their electrical appliances such as tumble driers, washing machines and dishwashers when they are in at home rather than putting them on when they leave the house or go to bed at night. This incident illustrates the importance of this advice, and this fire certainly had the potential to escalate if it had not been spotted when it was.”

He added: “Tumble driers in particular generate a lot of heat when in use and we would recommend that the area around the machine is kept ventilated and tidy to minimise the risk of fire.”

Firefighters carried out a full Home Fire Safety Check while they were at the property, giving fire safety advice on a range of issues in the home and ensuring that smoke alarms are in working order. They also called at other properties in the area to highlight this incident and give other residents relevant fire safety advice.