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Icy roads warning

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The warning is issued as part of the Service’s Winter Safety Campaign, now in its 16th week.

Road traffic collisions account for a significant proportion of the incidents the Service gets called to each year (see note below), and the winter months are always busy, with icy conditions presenting an extra hazard for motorists using the many rural roads and motorways in the two counties.

Gill Pinder, Education Liaison Officer at HWFRS, said: “We’ve been relatively lucky with the weather so far this winter, with only a few icy mornings and no snow as yet.

“Nevertheless, we do tend to see an increase in collisions when the roads are icy and so we are keen to encourage motorists, particularly younger drivers who may not have driven on the ice before, to keep an eye on the weather and take extra care when freezing temperatures are forecast.”

H&WFRS’s key safety advice for icy weather includes:

  • Keep a regular check on weather forecasts and travel information, and avoid unnecessary journeys if the roads are known to be icy.

  • Remember that it can take considerably longer to stop in icy conditions, so reduce your speed and keep your distance.

  • Ensure your windows, mirrors and lights are free from ice before starting your journey.

  • Ensure your vehicle is well-maintained and serviced, ready for winter.