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Fire Service issues safety advice for Pancake Day

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With the prospect of eating some delicious pancakes, Shrove Tuesday, or Pancake Day as many people know it as, is generally a day to look forward to. However, if you are planning to cook your own pancakes this year, please take a moment to think about safety in the kitchen as you do so.

As with cooking chips or anything involving hot fat, it’s vital to take care when making pancakes to avoid the risk of a fire. Be sure never to leave the frying pan unattended and ensure children are kept a safe distance away from the stove.

Station Commander Alan Haley from the Community Safety department at HWFRS said: “Making pancakes can be lots of fun for the whole family but a high proportion of accidental fires in the home start in the kitchen, and so it’s essential to take care, especially when cooking with hot oil.”

He urged anyone cooking pancakes to take note of the following safety tips:

  • Never leave the pan unattended when the heat is switched on
  • Keep children safely away from the cooking area
  • Ensure all appliances are turned off once you’ve finished cooking
  • NEVER attempt to move the pan if it should catch fire
  • Do not take risks. If the pan should catch fire, turn off the heat only if it’s safe to do so. Never throw water over the pan.
  • Do not tackle the fire yourself, but GET OUT, STAY OUT, CALL 999.

SC Haley also urged people to test their smoke alarms are working, both on Shrove Tuesday before they cook their pancakes, and afterwards on a regular basis.