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Flood Advice for Home Owners

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HWFRS has provided the following flood advice:

  • For up to date flood watch information please call Floodline on 0845 988 1188
  • If you know your home is at risk of flooding, prepare a list of useful phone numbers and keep it somewhere safe
  • If your home does begin to flood, turn off your electricity supply, and do not touch any sources of electricity such as switches or appliances when you are standing in flood water
  • If you have an elderly or vulnerable family member or neighbour who is at risk of flooding, contact them to ensure they are prepared and know what to do should their home flood
  • Don't try to drive through standing water - as well as the water damaging your car, there may be hazards under the water you can't see
  • Listen out for warnings on radio and TV.

Station Commander Alan Haley, from HWFRS said: “We are urging all motorists to exercise caution if they find themselves driving through flood water. Please use common sense and follow our simple advice. Stay alert to local weather and news reports and if your local area is experiencing flooding it’s advisable to leave any non-essential travel until any flooding has subsided.”