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Burst pipes flood properties

Burst pipes flood properties

Burst pipes flood a string of properties across Worcestershire resulting in several callouts for the counties Fire and Rescue Service.

The first call came in at around 1:00am on Monday morning (20th December 2010), where Bromsgrove firefighters had to isolate electrical supplies and pump water from a flooded property. Twelve hours later a Kidderminster care home called the Fire and Rescue Service to deal with a case of severe flooding affecting the electrics on their premises. Shortly afterwards, Redditch firefighters were dealing with the flooding of two properties in the town.

Then, just before 7pm that evening and again in the early hours of the morning, Worcester firefighters were called upon to deal with flooded city properties where electrics had to be isolated.

Community Safety Manager, Grant Wills said, "It is important that property occupiers ensure their pipes are properly lagged to prevent freezing. This is particularly important if you plan to leave your premises unoccupied for a period during the Christmas holiday – with sub-zero temperatures predicted, getting someone you trust to check on your property whilst you're away could prevent a great deal of damage."