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Fire Service issues barbecue safety warning

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Fire engines from Droitwich and Worcester were sent along to the incident, which involved a LPG barbecue being used near a static caravan.

Watch Commander Christopher Jelfs from H&WFRS said: "It would seem that there was a small hole in the barbecue hose where it attached to the gas cylinder, and this allowed the gas to escape and ignite, setting alight a small row of conifer trees nearby."

He urged everyone to check the condition of their barbecue before lighting it, to position it away from anything that could catch fire and to keep a bucket of water or some means of extinguishing a fire close by throughout cooking.

He also reminded people never to leave lit barbecues unattended and to avoid drinking alcohol when in charge of the cooking.

He added: "On noticing this fire, the gas supply was immediately turned off and a neighbour used his garden hose reel to extinguish the flames and cool the side of the caravan.

"This prompt action certainly limited the damage, but this had the potential to be more serious than it was, and we would urge everyone to be aware that this has happened and to be extra vigilant themselves when cooking outside."

While no one was injured, around 5m of conifer trees were burnt during the incident and there was minor heat damage to the outside of the caravan.