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Safe Cooking Advice

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Fire crews from Worcester attended a property in Newport Street at 12.25am after a chip pan caught fire. Two firefighters in breathing apparatus used a CO2 (carbon dioxide) extinguisher to put out the fire and a male at the address was treated for the effects of smoke inhalation.

Worcester crews were then called to Comer Road at around 3.35am where they found smoke detectors operating and the property full of smoke. A female was led from the address and a small fire in the oven was extinguished with two firefighters wearing breathing apparatus and one hose reel jet used. Ventilation fans were then used to clear the smoke from the premises.

Firefighter Mark Gillett, based at Worcester Fire Station, said: "We want people to be aware that these incidents have happened and to be extra vigilant themselves in the kitchen."

He urged people never to leave their cooking unattended and to take extra care if using a chip pan or hot oil, recommending that thermostatically controlled deep fat fryers are a safer alternative. He warned to avoid cooking if you are feeling tired or you have been drinking, and be sure to turn off all appliances after use.