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Flood incidents

Most of the incidents were in Worcestershire and involved either motorists stranded in their vehicles in flood water or residents with flood water in their properties. The Honeybourne area, near Evesham, was particularly badly affected.

Fire crews and Water First Responders helped rescue the occupants of seven vehicles stranded in flood water (four in Honeybourne, one in Wythall, one at Preston Cross, near Ledbury, and one over the border at Little Buckland in Gloucestershire), and also rescued four people from a minibus trapped in deep water near the bridge at Shernal Green using the rescue boat from Worcester.

They also pumped water from the car park of a food processing plant in Honeybourne to prevent further flood damage to the premises, and gave advice to people whose properties were flooded.

Station Commander Alan Haley from HWFRS said: “The forecast is for more rain and we would urge motorists to be extra vigilant while the current conditions continue. “

He encouraged people to take note of local weather reports and flood warnings, and to heed any advice affecting the routes they use.

He also urged motorists not to drive through fords if the water level seems higher than usual.