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Christmas Cooking Warning

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Christmas Cooking Warning

As part of this year's Christmas safety campaign, Hereford & Worcester Fire and Rescue Service (HWFRS) are urging people not to leave their cooking unattended.

Grant Wills, Community Safety Manager at HWFRS, explained: "Many people will be buying a large joint of meat for Christmas that takes several hours to cook and while it may be tempting to pop it in the oven and then leave it cooking as you go out or even up to bed, we'd advise against doing this to avoid any risk of fire.

While it might not be feasible to stay in the kitchen the whole time that it takes to cook a larger joint, we'd advise that it is checked at regular intervals as a minimum."

He also reminded people not to cook while under the influence of alcohol, and urged everyone to spend a few minutes checking that their smoke alarms are working properly and that they have spare batteries. He warned that people should never be tempted to raid their smoke alarm to find a battery for a new Christmas toy needing a similar sized battery to operate.