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Inventive use of equipment helped in rescue

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A Hereford & Worcester Fire and Rescue Service (HWFRS) crew from Evesham had to use some ingenuity in the rescue of a man impaled on a fence in the town’s Marina on Saturday afternoon.

The crew were called at 16:57 and discovered that the injured man had slipped when trying to scale the fence to get to his boat and was stuck on a triple-pronged spike.

The crew used the Road Traffic Collision platform from the fire appliance to raise him up, with extra support given by a seat-belt to lift him further and ease the pressure.

West Midlands Ambulance crews provided analgesia to the man before an angle-grinder was used to cut through the spike, limiting the damage so that he could be safely removed from the area.

The patient was then taken to hospital by air ambulance.


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