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Horsebox Rescue Prompts Warning

The two-bay horse-box was being driven along Sandhills Green when the horse is thought to have stamped its back legs, resulting in its right leg going through the plywood floor and becoming trapped.

One fire crew from Redditch fire station attended and once the horse had been sedated by a vet, firefighters cut away a section of the floor from beneath the vehicle, removing all sharp edges. With the assistance of the vet, the horse was pulled back inside the horse box and a temporary fix made to the hole in the floor. The horse-box was then driven a short distance to a nearby field where the horse had room to roll safely out of the vehicle and get back on to its feet.

Station Commander Ian Jallands from Hereford & Worcester Fire and Rescue Service said: “We had to work quickly as the sedation was only set to last 30 minutes or so and there was a risk of the second horse stamping on firefighters as they rolled the horse away from the hole.”

He confirmed that the horse was back on its feet in the field before firefighters left and that further examination would confirm the extent of any injuries to its back leg.

He added: “While there were no obvious problems with the vehicle involved, we’d urge anyone who uses a horse-box or trailer to transport animals to ensure it is well-maintained to help avoid this type of incident occurring.”