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Cooking Oil Leaks From Lorry

Two fire crews from Ross-on-Wye and one from Whitchurch attended along with the Environmental Protection Unit from Stourport, and on arrival they found that around 700 litres of cooking oil had leaked from one of several 1000-litre containers on the lorry.

The driver had noticed the leak and had pulled into a lay-by nearby but there was oil on the carriageway causing concerns for other road users, and an unknown quantity of oil had also entered the water course.

Watch Commander Neil Fowler from H&WFRS said: "Fire crews worked hard to limit the damage caused by the oil, using a specialist putty-type substance to stem the flow of oil into the drainage system."

He confirmed that just one lane of the A40 was closed to motorists during the incident and that the remaining 300 litres of oil were due to be decanted into a new container shortly.

The Highways Agency and the Environment Agency also attended the incident, and the stop message was given shortly after 8am.