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Fire Service Supports Boat Safety Week

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Boat fires are thankfully rare, but each year people are injured and, in some cases, killed, as a result of onboard fires, explosions and carbon monoxide poisoning. Even a small fire could quickly fill your vessel with toxic smoke which could leave you unconscious or could be fatal.

Watch Commander Darren Packwood said: "Although boat fires are less common than fires on land, they can have devastating consequences when they break out. Boats are often in remote locations with difficult access and fires can take hold very quickly. Working smoke alarms make a difference to the outcome of fires on boats. All boats with overnight accommodation ought to have suitable smoke alarms fitted.

Anyone with concerns about alarms, or fire safety in general, should contact us on 0800 032 1155 for a free Boat Fire Risk Check. We are here to make sure your boat is as fire safe as possible."

Boat owners are reminded to:

  • Fit a suitable smoke alarm and test it routinely
  • Make an escape plan
  • Know your location so you can tell the operator in an emergency.

For boats, optical sensor alarms with hush buttons and sealed for life batteries are recommended as are choosing those with a British Standard 'Kitemark' or a LPCB 'Horseshoe' mark. As with smoke alarms in the home, alarms should be tested routinely and should never be disconnected.