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Fire at plastic packaging plant in Tenbury Wells

Hereford & Worcester Fire and Rescue Service were called to a large fire at a plastic packaging plant in Tenbury Wells at the weekend.

Workers on the shop floor of the plastic bottle manufacturing factory in Boraston Lane alerted emergency services at around 2.25am on Sunday 25 July after noticing the fire in the office area on the first floor of the building. The shop floor premises had been fully evacuated as fire crews arrived.

Firefighters in breathing apparatus entered the locked office area but as they broke down the door, there was a flashover (the room burst into flames) and so they withdrew and called for further back up.

A total of ten pumps attended (one from Tenbury Wells, two from Leominster, one from Malvern, one from Bewdley, two from Bromyard, one from Stourport, one from Kingsland and one from Leintwardine) as well as the Restricted Access Vehicle from Peterchurch, an aerial ladder from Hereford and the Pinzgauer and Environment Protection Unit from Stourport.

The fire was brought under control at around 6.10am while the last pump left the premises at around 5.30pm later the same day, with crews doing all that they could to minimise the effect of the fire on the manufacturing capability at the factory.

There was significant damage to the office area on the first floor and extensive smoke damage on the second floor and to the rafters in the roof area. There was also some water damage on the ground floor.

Praising the crews who attended for a 'good stop', Watch Manager David James said: "It was fortunate that the fire was noticed so quickly as with the plastic processing at the premises, the incident had the potential to be far more serious than it was. Thankfully, no one was injured and despite the damage to the office area, the shop floor is already up and running."

The fire is believed to have been started accidentally in the office area on the first floor of the premises.