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Animal Rescue at Goodrich

Animal Rescue at Goodrich

Hereford & Worcester Fire and Rescue Service (HWFRS) helped get essential water supplies to a farm in Goodrich at the weekend following reports that several animals had died from the effects of the cold and dehydration.

The farmer called HWFRS shortly after 8am on Sunday 26 December explaining that all water supplies at the farm, including the 1,000 litre bowsers normally used as contingency supplies, were frozen solid and that the rare breed pigs and long horn cattle kept at the farm had not had water for two days due to the freezing temperatures.

He reported that one sow and several young piglets had died and that the remaining 700 pigs and 40 long horn cattle were in considerable distress due to the lack of water.

The animals normally require up to 4,000 litres of water a day, and the lack of water was having a major impact on lactating sows producing milk for their suckling piglets.

Station Manager Martin Lown from HWFRS went along to the farm to make the initial assessment. He said: "Clearly the situation had reached a critical point and so we sent along an appliance from Whitchurch with a crew of six who were able to pump water to fill troughs and drinking barrels, to ensure all the animals could finally get some water."

He explained that by running the water through the appliance pump, it warmed it up and helped to delay re-freezing. The crew spent around five hours at the farm, refilling the appliance four times and filling two bowsers to ensure all animals were able to get drinking water until water supplies at the farm started to return to normal.