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Fire at bookmakers

Residents living above the William Hill Bookmakers in Cranham Drive raised the alarm after noticing the smell of burning in the property below.

Two fire crews from Worcester were quickly at the scene, and finding smoke coming from the ground floor premises, they quickly evacuated residents living in the maisonettes above.

Firefighters in breathing apparatus then forced entry into the bookmakers, located the fire and extinguished it with the use of one hose reel jet. Positive pressure ventilation fans were then used to clear the smoke from the shop and from the flats above, and the residents were allowed back inside their homes.

No one was injured during the incident although there was significant smoke damage in the kitchen area of the bookmakers.
Police also attended, closing the road to traffic while the incident was ongoing.

Station Commander Daryl Justice from HWFRS said: "Thankfully the fire was noticed in its early stages and crews worked quickly and effectively to bring it under control in less than an hour."

He praised those living nearby for raising the alarm and for evacuating their homes so swiftly.

The fire is believed to have been caused by an electrical fault.