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Woman Rescued after Motorcycle RTC

The incident happened in Cowleigh Road, Malvern, when the motorcyclist left the road and came to rest in undergrowth and bracken – making it impossible for passers-by to see her or the vehicle.

At around 9.20am – some considerable time after the road traffic collision had taken place - the woman managed to locate her mobile phone and dial 999.

Watch Commander Nic Browning, who was called to the scene with his crew from Malvern Fire Station, said: "One of our fire control operators kept talking to the woman on the phone whilst we tried to locate her," he said. "She couldn't be seen from the road so we kept sounding our sirens so she could tell the operator when we were getting closer to her. Thankfully one of my firefighters then spotted her from the back of the fire engine.

"It is fortunate that the outside temperature is so warm at the moment. Thankfully the casualty wasn't lying on cold ground and she had access to her mobile phone."

Once the crews got to the scene they released the lady from underneath the motorbike and gave her first aid treatment before the arrival of the paramedics. Crews then helped to move the casualty on a spinal board before she was conveyed to hospital by ambulance.