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Fire at Hereford Cafe

Fire crews from Hereford were called to Diego Café in Bridge Street at around 11.45pm and firefighters in breathing apparatus used one hose reel to extinguish a small fire in the ground floor of the restaurant.

The fire involved some towels that had been left drying in a heated cupboard.

Station Commander Sean Bailey from HWFRS explained that the towels had dried then overheated, causing a fire to break out. He said: "This generated a great deal of smoke but the fire was relatively small and straightforward for crews to bring under control.

"Thankfully there was no major damage at the café but we would like to highlight this incident to encourage other businesses to be vigilant with their own working practices."

He urged those running restaurants and cafes in particular to ensure that staff are trained to check at the end of each shift that all hotplates, stoves, crockery warmers and other appliances are switched off.

He added: "While this advice is especially relevant to the catering trade, it will apply to many other commercial premises, too. I would urge all business owners to check out the commercial fire safety advice on our website."