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Flood Update

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Crews attended 34 of these incidents, and a total of eight people (five from cars and three from property) and a dog were rescued. Fire Control operators also gave advice for the remaining incidents where the attendance of a crew was not required.

Many of the incidents reported involved flooding in properties or floods on the road, with several instances of motorists trapped by floodwater in their vehicles.

Group Commander Phil Russell from HWFRS said: "This morning's rainfall was sudden and heavy, and caused pockets of localised flooding on the roads and in properties as it swept from the west of the region, across Herefordshire into Worcestershire."

He confirmed that there were upwards of 30 calls an hour for the first couple of hours and that the Service called in extra staff to its Fire Control to handle the high volume of calls.

He added: "It was an exceptionally busy morning throughout the Service area but we coped extremely well, with our newly trained First Water Responders making a huge difference as we responded to a variety of flood related incidents."

With further rain forecast, he urged people to keep themselves updated with the latest weather reports and flood warnings, and to heed the advice given.

Some of the key incidents crews attended earlier today include:

  • A crew from Leominster was called to Shirlheath, near Kingsland, at around 9.15am after water ran off nearby fields and flooded a cottage. A woman was rescued from the property.
  • At around 9.40am, the rescue boats from Hereford and Worcester joined fire crews from Hereford and Ross in Llanwarne where they rescued a woman from the roof of her car after it became stranded in flood water.
  • At around 9.45am, a crew from Leintwardine was called to the A4110 at Bainstree Cross where they rescued a motorist from a car stuck in flood water.
  • At around 10.35am, a crew from Bromsgrove rescued the occupants of two vehicles from floodwater near the Morrisons store at Buntsford Park in Bromsgrove.
  • At around 10.40am, a crew from neighbouring West Midlands Fire Service rescued a woman from her car in flood water in Yew Tree Lane in Frankley, North Worcestershire.
  • At 1.10pm, a crew from Bromsgrove and Water First Responders from Kidderminster rescued two people (who were waist-height in water) from their van stranded in flood water in Warwick Avenue, Bromsgrove. They also rescued a dog from a nearby house.