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Corporate Services

The Corporate Services Department is headed by the Director of Corporate Services and is embedded at the heart of the headquarters, supporting all the Authority’s activities.

Our mission is to support the delivery of the Service to the communities of the two counties through ensuring that we have policies in place, that our planning processes effectively reduce community risk and develop our organisation and that we are performing in line with all expectations.

The department is divided into four areas. The Performance and Information team constantly scan the external environment to support policy development and to prepare the Service for the many internal and external performance assessments that measure how well the Service is performing. 

The Corporate Risk team ensures that all the risks to the organisation are identified, and any actions necessary are taken to reduce them, and that we meet our responsibilities under data, information legislation and emergency planning. These elements are overseen by the Area Commander of Corporate Services who also has responsibility for the development of Integrated Risk Management Plan and the corporate planning processes. This team supports the organisation’s knowledge needs including mobile data and operational risk assessment as well as coordination of all partnerships activities.

The Organisational Development department includes the important elements of cultural development, equality & diversity and media relationships.  This function also supports the organisation through media and design, marketing, corporate events and committee services and Headquarters' reception service. 

The main aim of the Corporate Services department is to centrally
co-ordinate key areas of support and development in order to provide the capacity that allows us to focus on the service we provide to the community.