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Road Safety

The Fire and Rescue Service attend around twice as many road incidents as domestic house fires each year.

Remember the following key points on every trip:

  • Never use your mobile phone whilst driving
  • Never drink & drive
  • Cut your speed
  • Take a break every two hours
  • Keep your distance
  • Check your tyre pressures and tread regularly

Winter Road Safety Advice

Difficult driving conditions
  When you're on the road, pay attention to the changing road, traffic and weather conditions. Be ready to slow down and take more care if you need to, particularly on bends and exposed roads
  Check traffic and weather updates
  Check your vehicle is ready for winter and always carry your emergency kit
  Keep you distance watch your speed

Road Safety Education

Road Safety is now high on the Service agenda. Over the last 2 years, a significant amount of time has been spent developing road safety education programmes and activity. A lot of this work has been developed in conjunction with the Safer Roads Partnership in West Mercia (SRP). All developments in this area have been evidence led drawing on West Mercia Police and HWFRS collision data. The data highlights that young people aged between 17 – 24 years are over represented (by approximately one third) in RTC’s, fatalities and serious injuries.

Road safety educational event image

Road Safety Education in Schools

HWFRS developed a pre driver/young driver road safety education with the SRP approximately 2 years ago. This programme was rolled out across the majority of Worcestershire Sixth Forms and Colleges from October 2011 to 16 and 17 year old students. The workshops were delivered by a pool of staff from the SRP, West Mercia Police and HWFRS Community Safety team.

The Worcestershire model has proved a great success with both students and teachers and excellent feedback has been provided. The aim is for an annual rolling programme of road safety across Worcestershire and bookings to revisit new Sixth Form and College students are currently occurring. The programme has recently been named and explores why so many young people are involved in road traffic collisions and how they can avoid making the same mistakes whether they are a driver or passenger. The workshop is 50 minutes long and explores three main themes to include the causes of collisions relating to young people, strategies to deal with a difficult situation and the ripple effect and long term consequences of an RTC.

E- Driver

Road Safety e-learning Programme

e-driver screen image E-Driver is a collaborative project developed by Hereford Sixth Form College, HWFRS, West Mercia Police, Direct Learning and Silva Productions. It provides a road safety e-learning programme for new drivers and their passengers. It consists of short tutorial units, interactive end-of-unit test activities and a summative end test and offers some advantages over other road safety programmes. For example, e-learning can be integrated within a compulsory College course and offers consistent delivery for all students, including absentees.

The final version of E - Driver was piloted in April 2012 with all first year students at Hereford Sixth Form College. 665 students who took part in the pilot agreed that all students of their age group (16 & 17 years) should take part in E Driver.

E-Driver will be used as a ‘leave behind’ Road Safety Education Programme for post-16 students in any school or college across Herefordshire and Worcestershire. Wherever practical, will be delivered by staff prior to students becoming involved with the E-Driver e learning programme.

To view E - Driver click on the following link


For more information, please visit the following websites: Highways Agency, Department for Transport and Brake or look at the CFOA Road Safety webpages

Contact details:

Jan Brant
Mobile: 07973 152 946
Office: 01905 368 251

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