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Fire hydrants

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Fire Hydrant Maintenance

Hereford & Worcester Fire & Rescue Service has approximately 18,000 fire hydrants throughout the two counties. It is our responsibility to ensure that these hydrants are kept serviceable and available for use in the event of a fire.

Hydrant images

These covers will be found in the roadway, the footpath, or on the verge. All of our hydrants are identified by means of a hydrant indication post or plate, with information regarding pipe diameter and distance (from the plate/post to the hydrant).

The hydrant lids are painted yellow to assist our fire crews in locating the hydrant quickly in the event of an emergency.

We have three Hydrant Maintenance Technicians who cover the two counties on a regular basis, testing the hydrants, rectifying and reporting faults.

Relocating Fire Hydrants

On occasions, fire hydrant markers may need to be relocated (eg. where a property owner wishes to remove a boundary wall or widening of driveways etc). If you have a hydrant marker post you wish to be relocated please use the contact details at the bottom of this page.

Fire & Rescue Services Act 2004 (Section 42)

Under this Act it is an offence to obstruct a fire hydrant, for example, by inconsiderate parking which could place lives at risk, or causing damage to a fire hydrant. Any person committing an offence is liable on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding £500.

We encourage contact from the general public in relation to problems or enquiries about fire hydrants. If you need to report a problem with a fire hydrant – fire hydrant leaking; lid missing or other damage, or would like information about hydrants, please contact the Water Department on 01684 898 712, alternatively you can send an e-mail to HydrantEnquiries@hwfire.org.uk