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Local MP congratulates firefighters and film club's success

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Bromsgrove's local MP, Sajid Javid has visited Bromsgrove Fire Station tocongratulate the firefighters and amateur film makers behind the making of a dementia awareness film, set in Bromsgrove.

Mr Javid met with North Worcestershire Group Commander Mick Cadman, Deputy Chief Fire Officer Richard Lawrence and star of the film, Firefighter Wayne 'Chuck' Berry.

The group were also joined by Bromsgrove residents Ann and Arthur Fletcher, from Sutton Coldfield Movie Makers, and Dr Amanda Kilpatrick who acted as the GP at New Road Surgery in the film.

Mr Javid was shown around Bromsgrove's new fire station and discussed the impact that the film was having within the Fire Service and the community.

Mr Javid commented: "Producing this film has been a real community effort, which I congratulate everyone involved in. I found it very encouraging to hear how our local fire service are now using their awareness of mental health conditions to aid their responses to emergencies. This is something I think all employers can learn from so that we help support more people suffering from mental illnesses in their place of work".

Mr Javid, who is the Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills, explained to the group how the Prime Minister had invited the Cabinet to be trained as Dementia Friends and to then extend their awareness and training within each of their Government Departments.

He highlighted, "It means that the number of Dementia Friends is growing exponentially within Government and the public sector. This is an important step forwards as Government leads the way in raising awareness and support for mental health".

Deputy Chief Fire Officer Richard Lawrence said: "The Service is actively involved with dementia charities and works in close partnership with the Alzheimers Society, Age UK and Worcestershire dementia groups to ensure that these vulnerable people are protected against the risks of fire. We were delighted to be involved with the film, which we hope will help highlight some of the early warning signs that can easily be missed in a younger person."