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Fire and Rescue Service re-locates to Hindlip Park

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Hereford & Worcester Fire and Rescue Service (HWFRS) has re-located to Hindlip Park, completing the co-location plans with the West Mercia Police headquarters.

The re-location is the culmination of four years' planning and will improve partnership-working with the counties' emergency services and other key agencies, as well as reduce the overall costs of the Fire and Rescue Service HQ. It has been funded by £1.89m from the Government's Fire Transformation Fund.

Roger Phillips, Chair of the Fire Authority said: "The re-location of the Fire Service to Hindlip Park is now complete, after four years of planning and departmental transfers. We look forward to an even closer working relationship between the two blue-light services to further improve the safety of our communities across Herefordshire and Worcestershire."

Police and Crime Commissioner John Campion, has welcomed the move. He said "The two organisations already work hand in hand, with a shared ultimate aim of keeping people safe. Whilst I welcome the efficiencies this will bring, the changes are about more than just buildings, it's about growing skills, relationships, sharing experiences and working together to adopt a joint problem solving approach. We have delivered great examples of police and fire collaboration in the past and I look forward to the continued building of this positive relationship."

Most of the uniformed and non-uniformed staff from HWFRS HQ are now located at Hindlip Park, but others are now working out of Malvern and Worcester Fire Stations.

The former Fire and Rescue Service HQ at 2 King's Court, Worcester continues to be owned by The Fire Authority which plans to lease the building to Worcestershire Health & Care NHS Trust.


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