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Warning following kitchen fire

Two fire crews from Ledbury attended and found a fire had broken out in the kitchen area after cooking was left unattended. Four firefighters in breathing apparatus quickly extinguished the fire and then ventilated the building.

There was severe fire damage in the kitchen itself as a result of the incident as well as smoke damage to the rest of the property.

Two people were treated by paramedics for the effects of smoke inhalation.

Station Commander Neil Pigott said: "We genuinely believe that this fire had the potential to be far more serious than it was.

"Firstly it involved hot fat which had been left unattended, and secondly, the fire spread extremely rapidly due to some flammable polystyrene tiles on the kitchen ceiling.

"Thankfully these polystyrene ceiling tiles are rarely seen in homes these days but they are highly flammable and give off toxic fumes when burning, and so can all too easily turn a serious fire into a fatal one."

He confirmed that H&WFRS would be advising the owner of the property that these ceiling tiles need to be replaced as a priority, and he also reminded people that cooking should never be left unattended.