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Kitchen fire, Pershore

Pershore firefighters were called to the address in Desjardins Way just before 2.25pm, arriving to find a small quantity of clothing smouldering on top of the stove in the kitchen. The crew isolated the cooker and used one hose reel to ensure the fire was fully extinguished. They also ventilated the property to help clear the smoke.

Station Commander Alan Haley from HWFRS’s Community Safety department said: “We want to make people aware of this incident in the hope that it will encourage them to be more vigilant themselves in the kitchen.

“It’s important to keep all flammable materials away from the stove – including newspapers, magazines, tea towels and items of clothing.”

He urged people to keep an eye on their cooking at all times and to ensure that their cooker is turned off after use. He also reminded people to get smoke alarms fitted on every level of their home and to get into the habit of testing each alarm on a weekly basis. An early alert from a working smoke alarm can help minimise fire damage and avoid injury if you should have a fire in your kitchen or elsewhere in your home.